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Bible Reading Plan

Church Activities in Opelika, AL

At FPO, we believe that the Bible is Truth, that it is living and active, and that through it we come to increasingly know God, are made into his image, and as Sally Lloyd Jones says in the Jesus Storybook Bible, “are taught how life works best”. We also believe that there is tremendous value for FPO to be reading the bible together, using the same plan. This is why we have created the FPO Bible Reading Plan.
The FPO Bible Reading Plan offers tracks to read the entire New Testament, as well as wisdom literature found in the books of Psalms and Proverbs in one calendar year. The reading plan also offers a track to read the entire Old Testament in chronological order over the span of three years.  The plan is broken down into 5 very manageable daily readings per week.

Read the Bible in One Year

Download the 2024 Reading Plan

A Helpful Resource

The Bible Project is a completely free resource that offers videos and graphic overviews of each book of the Bible as well as various theological doctrines and concepts. As you read new books of the Bible, it can be helpful to check out the video associated with that book to get a simple overview of what you will encounter as you dive into God’s word each day.

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